About Me

I’ve been guiding customers through the digital landscape for over 20 years. Let me help you engage with and communicate your message to your customers.

Sharon West

Sharon West



I started out in journalism, but arced into the digital arena back when QuarkExpress still existed. Ready for something new, when the internet came calling, I answered. I was an early adopter—like Hypercard early. I straddled the fence between writing and design for many years, until I found the web. The web allowed me to marry everything together. Now I just communicate—in whatever form is necessary for my clients.


I believe that it is important to work with people who have a similar commitment to quality.  I believe that design can help solve problems. I believe that clear, concise information design can make previously intangible content newly accessible to your customers.


My approach is a personal one. I meet with you. I listen. I ask important, sometimes difficult questions. I explore options and try to find a solution that fits your culture, your work style, even your lifestyle.

I have an arsenal of tools to help uncover what you need.

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